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Client Reviews...
"We were moving out of the city into the suburbs, but were unsure where we wanted to live. Perry worked with us and showed us a lot of homes in a lot of different neighborhoods until we found the one . He was available for the many questions new home buyers/owners have. Perry was very accommodating, as we brought our children along each time. He even had things for the kids to do while we completed paperwork. He has kept in touch with us since the purchase. I would highly recommend "
   - Robert Hughes
"Wonderful experience with Shirley and Perry. Shirley gave great suggestions to help expedite the sale of our house. Our house sold within a week after listing with 3 offers. I highly recommend Perry and Shirley."
   - Kirk Wheeler
"Once the market picked up, everything went in a fast forward direction. Perry somehow came up with the perfect residents for my property. I was pleased with the outcome."
   - Marlene Jefferson
"Perry Shackelford and his wife Shirley Voelker are dynamic experienced real estate professionals who provided personalized guidance and support in a timely manner during the entire process from listing to sale of my home."
   - Shirley Morgan
"Perry Shackelford and Shirley Voelker are highly experienced and knowledgeable in the local area where I was the Seller. Prior to listing the house, they helped with identifying key improvements to make the property ready for sale, and recommended local contractors. After the improvements, they were able to price the home correctly, and had a seller lined up right away for the asking price with all the necessary pre-approvals. They made the process very easy with no surprises."
   - Richard Lucas
"We chose Perry and Shirley based on recommendation by good friends. They did not disappoint! Our house was listed and sold within 48 hours. We found another home the day following, and closed in under 3 months. Perry and Shirley made the process simple, and we couldn't be happier!!"
   - Amie Leeds
"As a first-time home seller, I was quite unprepared. Perry and Shirley guided me through the process. The house sold quickly. Perry and Shirley were responsive and informed."
   - Frank Musick
"The Perry Shackleford and Shirley Volker duo have been locally knowledgeable about the immediate Roslyn and surrounding Abington Township community in general for several decades. Over the past 25-30 years, I would reach out to Perry Shackleford perioducally to inquire about the marketability of our rancher home in Roslyn and Perry would always provide a competitive market analysis graciously. Finally, the time came for he and Shirley (a winning and one-stop consummate professional dynamic duo!) to list our home of some 35 years and deliver with a full-service and efficient listing, including handy and convenient contractors to ready the property, attention to details such as staging, and Shirley even went beyond the call of duty with her inherent social-work skills in negotiating and reasoning with family members. What an asset to the local and surrounding community, and we would highly recommend this easy to work with DYNAMIC DUO for anyone looking to buy/sell residentisl property in Abington Township especially! "
   - Gerald Brown
"Perry and Shirley were the most professional Real Estate agents I've ever worked with. Their knowledge of the market place, selling process and execution were terrific. I was very fortunate to have them recommended to me for this effort. They made the selling experience smooth and easy."
   - David Schweon
"When Perry and Shirley say something it gets done right away. They were excellent at the closing. They always kept me informed. The paperwork went smoothly from the beginning to the end. I cannot say enough about Perry and Shirley."
   - Walter Dec
"Perry and Shirley were excellent in every way. They helped us get the home ready for sale. Looked after the home and saved us some frozen pipes one weekend. Kept us abreast of the interests and negotiated a good price for the home. The home also sold within a few months which we felt was great. Thank you Perry and Shirley "
   - William Peterson
"From first day listed to settlement, 6 weeks! Perry was available to us and provided valuable market knowledge to help with decisions that needed to be made."
   - Karen Lane
"Perry was both helpful and knowledgeable. He recommended people to do some of the repairs that were needed to sell the house. He made sure they were done right and the pricing was fair! He also sold the house very quickly! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone and would definitely use him again! "
   - Donna Diamond
"Perry and Shirley are the gold standard of real estate agents. They were my buyer's agent for this house in '03, and my seller's agent in '16. I told Perry to price the house to sell quickly -- and I had three full-price offers at the end of the first day of showing! They knew vendors and providers for every step of preparation to sell; they talked me out of spending money on a couple of things that would not enhance the property value; and they handled every step of the sale/transfer process quickly and professionally. In other words, they're the best, and they've spoiled me for life -- I relocated, and the agents here don't hold a candle to Perry and Shirley. If you want to sell, and sell it right, better call Perry! "
   - David Preisendanz
"I recently needed to sell my mother's house and called Shirley because our paths crossed professionally many years ago. I always knew her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. The same can be said for Shirley and Perry as a team. They make a wonderful team, they know their market, they were always available to take a call and they know how to get the job done to everyone's satisfaction."
   - Sheila Zebraski
"We hired Perry & Shirley based on their reputation and visibility in our area. We knew we needed to stay in the same area and we wanted to hire a realtor who knew the area, was a tough negotiator, and could connect us with experts to make our move easy. We didn't get one realtor; we got two! We felt clueless when we began this process, but it didn't matter because Perry & Shirley know all aspects of the real estate business, including other realtors, movers, contractors, inspectors, and mortgage companies. They sold our twin in 9 days and helped us into the home of our dreams in the same area. Everyone we know who have used this pair are very happy, and we can't recommend them highly enough. "
   - Karen Teefy
"Perry was incredibly helpful during our home buying experience. Not only was he knowledgeable and patient, but he helped us at every step of the way be it answering questions or finding solutions. I greatly enjoyed working with Perry as he was a real estate agent who does not wait for a problem to fix itself, he prefers to take action and get the ball rolling. I would definitely work with Perry again, and recommend him to any first time home buyer!! "
   - Mazee Zahidi
"Perry was helpful and stuck with us through the entire process. Our selling and purchasing of our new home took time because we had a lot of moving parts but Perry hung in there with us. In the end our home sold in about 45 days and Perry found us a brand new home before it even hit the market. Very Satisfied"
   - Yusef Moore
   - Suzanne Beaulieu
"He is very knowledgeable and understands the market knowing the kinds of buyers who are looking and the homes which are available. He follows through on prospective buyers calling them up to see where they are in the process of buying. He is very responsive when you call with a question. He knows people who can fix needed repairs which is most helpful after home inspection. He is very upbeat and positive as you go through the process. "
   - Joyce Deibert
"Perry called me about a property that he thought would fit into my criteria. Without his diligent follow up I would have never had the chance to buy it! Thank you Perry for your hard work!!!"
   - Jeff Goodwin
"I am not the first person to say, but My husband and I have had the greatest pleasure working with Perry. He is nothing but amazing at what he does. We were first time home buyers who started out with a bad agent and then I attended a Remax open house and discovered Perry. Then I knew that I had to have him as my agent. From start to finish he guided and advised us. We cant Thank him enough!!!. Perry will forever be my agent for all our house related needs. And we will continue to recommend him to everyone in our paths. We brought an amazing house in Glenside, PA and everyone that Perry recommended to us from The housing inspector down to the Home owners insurance company was amazing and spoke very highly of him. He knows exactly what he is doing and does it well!!!!! "
   - LeToya Pettus
"Perry and Shirley are outstanding in their job as agents.Grace and I did not know them but we had a chance to meet them and highly appreciated their work and compassion to help us buy the house that was listed on our street.The first day the sign for sell was up , we just saw their name and phone number and we called them requesting to see the house.We knew that, that house was going to be sold quickly as it is in a nice area.Fortunately ,Perry and Shirley were ready to show us the house in less than 45 after we call and he really had time to listen ,to explain ,to encourage us and honestly told us about the problems of the house but also showed us how it is possible to solve those problems and make it a great home with the reasonable price. What we liked about Perry and Shirley the most was that they want the best not only for the seller but also for the buyer.From their advice we made commitment and started the process to buy that house the same day at that first appointment .And each time we will call him for more questions, they were all the time available to answer. We will keep working with them any time we want to buy ,sell or rent a house and we will recommend them to anyone else ,who is looking for professionals with compassion and empathy for their clients. "
   - Jon Speck
"When it was time to downsize we engaged Perry and Shirley because they know the Abington market. As a result of their expertise, we sold our home in four days. Everything went very smoothly as it was our first experience with a realtor in 50 years. They guided us through every step of the way."
   - John Clark
"Perry and Shirley really did their homework. My house was listed and closed in 4 weeks! The fast closing was a bonus. The house was on the market for approximately 1 week. They did their homework, they listened to my needs.. they made recommendations that really helped move the house quickly. They flat our know the market. I wouldn't consider using anyone else."
   - Ted MacDonald
"We are so glad our paths crossed at a random Open house. Don't wait for a random Open house... Choose Perry from the start! Perry's knowledge of the locale was what singled him out to us. As first time home buyers and very green in home ownership, he was very honest and understanding and went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable with the entire process. We found the perfect home! "
   - The Pearce Family
"Perry and Shirley were very efficient and professional. They told us exactly what we needed to do to get the house ready to sell. The house sold in less than a week."
   - Penny Hare
"Perry was great! Got our house sold within 3 weeks and around just what we were asking. Eager to hold open houses. When he says We love Roslyn I believe it. He truly knows the area!"
   - Alexandra Grillo
"Perry and Shirley were extremely helpful It started with us seeing their names on a sellers house. When we called to inquire about the house (We were just looking, we had no agent) he immediately made arrangements to show us the house. when we met at the appointed time, he offered to show us 5 more homes in the area once we decided that this was not the home for us. Over the course of 2 years, they were always there answering any questions, showing us houses we wanted to see and his recommendations. Even when we hit a stall in our finances and had to stop looking for a period of time, he kept in touch. We finally found the home we wanted with the help of Perry and Shirley. "
   - Jim MacFarland
"I have worked with Perry and Shirley for many years and have bought several properties with their assistance. They bring a wonderful combination of experience and knowledge to the table. But you also get a team that is in YOUR court throughout the whole process. They are more concerned with you finding a home that will be good for you, than what they will get out of it. So be prepared for them to tell you exactly what they think of a property, because they will. I have found this honesty to be very helpful in my search for properties. They will also keep in touch after the sale with helpful advice or answers to any questions you may have. I would and have recommend them to others. "
   - Gerri Campellone
"Perry and Shirley Shackelford were godsends to us when we needed to sell my parents' home in Abington, PA. They met with us and gave us a good idea of what needed to be done to make the house marketable (without going overboard), and provided us with a list of recommended vendors to help with the process - all of whom were reasonable and reliable. Perry and Shirley were very hands on; willing to do what was needed to get the job done and get the house sold. They knew the area and sold the house well within the time frame they promised. These two are the ultimate professionals - I would hire them again in a minute!"
   - Paul Allen
"We worked with Perry and Shirley when we first moved to the Abington area 15 years ago. When it was time to sell and purchase a bigger home there was no question in our mind who to turn to. Again, Perry and Shirley were right on top of things with every step of our move. They are quick to respond to questions and needs. "
   - Dwight & Laurie
"We lived in Maryland, our property is in Pennsylvania. So we need a reliable agent to represent us. Eight years’ ago, when we first moved to MD, we compared many realtor agents, chosen Perry and Shirley to help sell our property in Upper Dublin of Pennsylvania since they are so experienced in this field. They got us an offer almost immediately, but out of our own stupidity we refused at that time, chosen to rent out that property instead. So when we plan to sell that property recently, we asked Perry and Shirley again, and they did a great job, we sold our property. Perry and Shirley are so knowledgeable about the area, they are very tech savvy, and response fast, their negotiation skill is beyond my expectation. They know perfectly what need to be done on your behalf. If you are looking for an agent to buy or sell property/properties, ask Perry and Shirley, they will fulfill your wish."
   - Hester liu
"Perry and Shirley have been both selling and purchasing agents for my daughter and husband on three separate occasions (yes, they move around a lot) over the last 15 years. Most recently they are moving back to PA from OK and Perry and Shirley made themselves available for me to preview properties for my daughter before they came back to home shop. On all occasions, the purchasing agreements have been so comprehensive, that they beat out all other bids for the home of their choice. On the other side as agents for the sale, they found the best buyer and got the best price. There were no details left to chance."
   - Shirley Fisher
"Perry Shackelford is a long-time, seasoned seller. I couldn't have asked for a more satisfying sell! He is anaggressive seller with a reputation for quick selling. We had moved out prior to selling and we had to worry about nothing, he regularly checked on the home, took care of all the inspections and even had a list of reputable contractors to use for repairs to get the home sold. Since we moved about an hour away all paperwork was easily handled electronically and conveniently with Docusign. He is very good at keeping communications open via the buyer's preference, in my case through text messaging. He was knowledgeable in every aspect of the selling process and could answer all my questions, most importantly, in a language I could understand, no realtor mumbo-jumbo here! He is very easily reached day and night, always answering his phone or responding promptly. I was pleased with the amount we got for our home and I highly recommend Perry for the sale of your home!"
   - Karen
"My experience has been very good with Perry. Very knowledgeable about the area and the business. Knows what to look for in a home and fights for you every step of the way. Always responsive with every request and maintains a interest in what is best for his client. I would recommend working with him."
   - Jake Sosnovsky
"Perry and Shirley are expert realtors. They are great negotiators and salespeople. They were even able to negotiate when our contingency purchase was in jeopardy when they were overseas on vacation."
   - Dyllan Seibert
"It was a pleasure to work with Perry on the recent sale of our home, and the purchase of our new home. How likely would I be to recommend Perry? Not only highly likely, but most definitely (I have, to several of my friends). They make the process of buying and selling a home completely stress free - well,not completely stress-free, there are some things that your realtor cannot control or predict, but when those inevidible things pop up, Perry was right on top of it, and made sure that they were taken care of in the quickest way possible. Although the home we have recently purchased should be our final home purchase, if it is not, then we will absolutely be calling Perry again. Note to Perry: DO NOT RETIRE!! XOXO"
   - Gerry & Janet Gerney
"My husband and I were first-time home buyers without an agent. We were fortunate enough to meet Perry at an open house. He contacted us a few days later and offered to take us out to see homes in the area. His experience and knowledge of the area was evident from the start. He helped us find our home in the first few times out and was incredibly helpful in guiding us newbies through the home-buying process. Equally helpful was his wife Shirley who helped work with us through all of the paperwork. Perry and Shirley work seamlessly together and made the home-buying process much easier than we anticipated. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy their first home!! "
   - Maggie Bluett
"My husband and I were fortunate enough to find Perry and Shirley by the luck of the draw. We didn't have any personal referrals for a realtor when we were looking to sell our house and buy a new one. So, we just looked online to see some reviews, and called Perry and Shirley when we received their postcard mailer (which they had been sending to us periodically for some time). Well, the timing couldn't have been more perfect for us. Perry responded to my online request for contact within an hour, and we scheduled an appointment for him and Shirley to come see our home within a day or 2. They reviewed the property and after a thorough discussion about comparables, they suggested a reasonable price to list our home. After advance marketing on their part, an extremely successful open house, and a slew of showings, we had an agreed upon offer a week after our open house. We obviously had to kick up the search for our new home! Perry and Shirley were patient and supportive, dedicating 2 full Saturdays to showing us a variety of properties. Even when I may have gotten discouraged, Shirley was always a ray of positivity. Perry and Shirley were able to negotiate the purchase of our new forever home--which initially seemed like it may be out of reach, but with their guidance and skill we were able to get the deal done. And we couldn't be happier. Of course, buying and selling a home is never easy, but the right realtor can make the experience a positive one for everyone involved. Perry and Shirley are nothing short of experts in the Abington community, as well as the wider area. There was never a property in a neighborhood we wanted to see anywhere in Montgomery County that they were unfamiliar with. Just as important, they have an uncanny sense for pricing. They are focused on pricing your property correctly in order for it to sell. There's a reason why they have such a high listing to sale price ratio, and can get agreements signed so quickly. Trust them that they're pricing your house "
   - Kyle Assad
"Perry and Shirley helped my husband and I find and purchase our first home. We chose to work with them because of the strong reviews we read online and because they are very knowledge of the area we were looking to buy a home (Abington Township). Perry was always easily accessible, even while on vacation. He is very knowledgeable and walks you through the entire buying process. He was very supportive when we decided to walk away from the first house we had an offer on and took us right back out to find us our perfect home. I highly recommend Perry and Shirley to help you purchase your home and we look forward to working with them again in the future."
   - Megan Huban
"Perry and Shirley are so great to work with. They just helped us buy our first home! We had very little knowledge of the home buying process and they made every step of the way easy. They explained everything that was happening and were always available to answer any questions that we had. Perry started showing us houses right away and we found exactly what we wanted in just a few weeks. We are so happy with our home and we have Perry and Shirley to thank! "
   - Melissa Whitfield
"What an amazing realtor! Perry helped us buy our first home. We were in a hurry and needed to find a home fast. Perry got the job done! He made the process easy and fun. I would highly recommend him. We first contacted him on a Friday... he had us out looking at 5 homes Saturday evening. We could be honest with Perry about our wants and needs...he did not waste any time. He got the job done and made this easy. We found our dream home that Saturday evening! Perry cares about his clients. He does not make you wait... he got back to us with answers when we needed them right away. Not only is he a trustworthy realtor but he is such a kind person. He will make you a priority and work hard to find your perfect home. I will definitely use Perry again in the future and recommend him to others. Can't thank him enough! We love our new home!"
   - Mia Napoli
"Perry and Shirley helped my fiance and I buy our first home at the end of December. We were very green and they provided the information we needed to make a great decision. They showed great commitment to us to find the home we wanted to live in. Finally. the most important characteristic about Shirley and Perry's service to myself and my fiance was availability. Whenever, wherever and however we needed to contact Perry or Shirley, they were there. We had a quick decision to make towards the end of our house search. And without Perry and Shirley there to field our calls and make calls to the seller, we would not be in the lovely Jenkintown Home that we are in today."
   - Anthony Depaul
"Perry comes highly recommended, sold our house in less then 2 months, had and offer after the first showing, and him and his wife never stopped looking for our next house, and they kept looking until we found the one we all fell in love with, Very knowledgeable with the housing Market and finding us a new location. we recommend them for anyone who is thinking of moving, easy to get along with, and they want to make sure you find the right House for your needs and wants, "
   - Butch Hendricks
"Shirley and Perry are an exceptional real estate team. We recently used them to sell our home in Abington, and buy a new home in Hatfield. Shirley and Perry priced our home aggressively, and we were immediately rewarded with a slew of showings. After only 5 short weeks, even though our house was located on a busy road, we got a very strong offer on our home, which we accepted. In terms of buying our new home, Shirley and Perry were always available to answer my many questions about available homes I found online. Shirley never hesitated to call an agent to inquire about possible homes, and she was always eager to take us to see properties. When we finally found the home of our dreams, Shirley was a shark, and got us more than we had hoped for. We purchased a foreclosure (which Shirley and Perry were very knowledgeable about), and though the house was being sold 'as-'is', that didn't stop Shirley the shark....she kept calling and calling and got the seller to agree to make many improvements on the home. Though we hope to never move again, we would use Shirley and Perry in a heartbeat if we had to. "
   - Scott Hanson
"Perry and Shirley are the best at what they do. Their professionalism and expertise in real estate are above and beyond everyone else. You've tried the rest? Now try the best!"
   - Donna DePalantino
"I listed my house from April 15th until the end of July with another realtor without receiving a single offer. We had plenty showings but not one offer. I took the house off the market for the month of August and list with Perry Shackelford Shirley Voelker. They listed the house on September 4th and by the 15th we had 2 offers and we accepted one of them. Perry and Shirley work hard at their profession and the results are evident. I would use them again. "
   - Bob Ruffin
"Our home sold in 2 days. We moved out of state the week after listing and everything was done via phone and e-mail. Perry always answered my calls or called me right back. He even communicated with me while he and Shirley were on vacation abroad. We closed right on time."
   - Sandy Perry
"Shirley and Perry are an exceptional real estate team. We recently used them to sell our home in Abington, and buy a new home in Hatfield. Shirley and Perry priced our home aggressively, and we were immediately rewarded with a slew of showings. After only 5 short weeks, even though our house was located on a busy road, we got a very strong offer on our home, which we accepted. In terms of buying our new home, Shirley and Perry were always available to answer my many questions about available homes I found online. Shirley never hesitated to call an agent to inquire about possible homes, and she was always eager to take us to see properties. When we finally found the home of our dreams, Shirley was a shark, and got us more than we had hoped for. We purchased a foreclosure (which Shirley and Perry were very knowledgeable about), and though the house was being sold 'as-'is', that didn't stop Shirley the shark....she kept calling and calling and got the seller to agree to make many improvements on the home. Though we hope to never move again, we would use Shirley and Perry in a heartbeat if we had to. "
   - Sarah Hanson
"Perry & Shirley are just the best team and we are so happy to have worked with them not once, but three times. They helped us buy our first starter home in Abington Township. Not only did they educate us about homes and home buying, but for first time home buyers they made the process enjoyable. I think we must have gone through close to 50 homes before finding the right one. When we outgrew the house with three kids and a dog they helped us sell that house. We were so impressed with how they priced the house perfectly, got a lot of traffic/interest and sold for our asking price (after negotiation). Finally, they helped us find our second home knowing what we needed with a big family and knowing the real estate market in eastern montgomery county so well. I can't say enough about how wonderful, professional, and understanding they are with both buying and selling."
   - Claudine Thomas
"When my fiancé and i wanted to buy a house and we was undecided where we wanted to buy our first home,Perry pretty much drove us all over Pa just to show us around,since my fiancé is from out of town. He took us as far as 2, 3 hours away from Philadelphia just to give us an idea what Pennsylvania really look beside Philadelphia , therefore i highly recommend Perry as the best realtors around. He know what his talking about whenever we would ask him a question he always have an answer for us. Whenever i would call him. He always answer my phone call or call me right back. He help us find our new home that we love a lot so much. his the best around in pa. "
   - Edwitch Paul
"We have worked with Perry & Shirley for over 25 years on four to six real estate transactions. We have found them to be very knowledgeable, attentive and professional. Their attention to detail through the process was remarkable and they always had our best interests at heart. We would highly recommend their services and we refer them to anyone we can because they are that good. Over 25 years and 6 transactions we have become more than business associates, we have become dear friends. "
   - Paul & Nancy Perry
"Perry and Shirley were at the top of their game while assisting me through a very tough sale of my home. There were so many details about selling a home that I did not know. Perry and Shirley took me by the hand and assisted me through a sale that appeared to be stalled by misinformation and unknown problems with deed and title. I cant than them both enough for their great work on my behalf."
   - Richard Keys
"Great person to deal with. Really knows the market! We were first time home buyers and he was very patient and walked us through the process. It was a real easy process with this professional."
   - Sander Gottlieb
"Perry and Shirley were the best real estate agents I could've hoped for. when i started the search for my home i was looking for an agent that will work hard for me and be sensitive to my needs, i needed a lot of experience in the neighborhood I was looking in. this real estate duo is THE REAL DEAL. they went above and beyond to get my family the home we were looking for."
   - Maged Elsayed
"Shirley and Perry were able to sell my one bedroom, one bathroom condo at a time when the market wasn't great and buyers were hard to come by. They never gave up. We all hung in there and because of their reputation, an interested buyer came to them and it sold!"
   - Jennifer Schaff
"Perry and Shirley are very professional and at the same time very helpful. They are there to watch your interest and at the same time giving you a very true picture of the market. Our experience has been very positive with them and we will highly recommend them. Our house was sold in one day."
   - Vivek Thakur
"Perry and Shirley helped me buy my first home in 1996, sell it this past December, buy my new home with their help. In a down market where people had homes listed for either very long times or had to take huge price reductions, my home sold in 3 months at a great price (and profit!) What you get with them is a working relationship with an experienced and knowledgeable team that will do as much as is needed to make your sale/purchase successful. You get Shirley's experience with staging/financing /negotiating, and Perry's technological edge. The video he made of the interior of my previous home helped seal the deal. So as a buyer and a seller, I strongly recommend Perry and Shirley. "
   - Mark Skurla
"Shirley and Perry been working with our family for a long time. They Became part of our family :). They Help my Grandparents find their house. They help my Mom and Dad sale and buy and soon will be helping us again too. Shirley and Perry are great caring people. They are the type of people that you can count on for doing the job right. They are both great at what they do and my husband and I would highly recommend them if you are look for a great realtor."
   - Melissa Leiro
"My wife and I have bought or sold 4 homes with Shirley in the last 15 years in Roslyn, Abington Township, and Jenkintown. She is extremely familiar with the area, has a keen sense of picking up on what you're really looking for, knows the business inside and out, and always makes herself available. I think the secret to Shirley's success is she truly understands the value of a great customer experience from beginning to end and recognizes lifetime value. PS... if Shirley or Perry offer you advice or guidance during any step of buying or selling a home, take it...I learned that lesson the hard way!"
   - Joel Maxey
"Shirley and Perry worked tirelessly to help us find our home despite our erratic schedule. My wife and I will be forever grateful for their warmth and compassion."
   - R.J. Meagher
"I don't even know where to begin with this review. Shirley and Perry whirled into our lives after we selected them from four agents that we interviewed. I feel like they just got here, sold our house, and have gone on to do their magic for the next lucky client. It is bitter sweet that our experience with them was so brief. They sold our house in three days! They hustle, let me tell you. We immediately got two showings, two offers and we got what we wanted. We had to cancel the rest of the showings and the open house that was planned. My husband and I are left stunned! It's like, who was that masked couple??? "
   - Marie Ford
"Perry and Shirley are exceptional agents. They both helped us sell our current home in a soft market, and buy a new home that fit the needs of our family. We were impressed with their level of professionalism, follow-through, attention to detail, and knowledge of the market. We felt like they took the time to learn what our family needed and worked hard to help us achieve that. They gave us staging advice that was reasonable and clear, they did everything in a timely fashion (selling our home in 7 days and helping us buy a new one immediately after), and made us feel like we were their only clients. Most importantly, I felt like they fought for our best interests in both the buying and selling our home. We were more than pleased and have recommended them to friends who are looking for a realtor who knows what they are doing. They are a wealth of knowledge and their results show that. It was a pleasure working with them."
   - Phillip Thomas
"With us being first-time homebuyers, Perry and Shirley were great to work with. This was our first purchase and they held our hands the entire way. They were accommodating to our work schedules. They made it comfortable so that we did not feel like we were asking any dumb questions. We were confident that they would steer us in the right direction and they definitely did! They found us our dream home and it was all due to their dedication and responsiveness. We will be sure to refer them to all of our friends and family!"
   - Sokhona Ruen
"I am very impressed with Shirley and Perry. They sold our home so fast that we had to ask for the longest possible settlement date. And that was after we had our home listed over 6 months with another realtor and didn't even get an offer. They know their job very well and are very confident in what they do. I always recommend them."
   - Jamie Maerz
"Perry and Shirley have guided us and two other family members through successful sales and purchase of homes. As my husband and I neared retirement we decided to move from the home that we had lived in for 35 years. We had our interview with them and were immediately impressed with their knowledge and the way they answered all our questions. We signed an agreement that evening....they arranged an open house for that weekend and before the week was out we had a signed agreement of sale. Shirley watched over the whole project and 'held our hand' from beginning to end. These two great people continued to be beautifully helpful when our deaf daughter signed with her to sell her home and assist them in finding and settling a new one. they later helped our single grandaughter find her first home and after several years assisted her in selling it and purchasing a new larger home. They are always there to answer questions or give advice and we couldn't think of going anywhere else "
   - Jane Roberts